VideoWorld War II

Europa: The Last Battle

Throw everything you ever thought you knew out of the window and watch this unbelievable documentary. This documentary is only for educational and informational purposes. The content is not intended to condone violence or hate. We must seek revolution through the education of the masses. When this information is available to the people, systemic change will be inevitable and unavoidable. We don’t hate anyone on account of their race, ethnicity, sexuality or skin-color. We completely oppose anyone who promotes racial hatred, supremacy, violence or illegality. We DON’T applaud or condone any alleged genocide.


Part 1

The TRUTH about:
The Global Economic Structure
The Historical Roots Of Zionism & Communism
The Bolshevik Revolution & The Holodomor

Part 2 – The Bad War

The TRUTH about:
World War 1
The Balfour Declaration
The Frankfurt School & Cultural Marxism(Feminism/Degeneracy/Political Correctness)
The Weimar Republic
Jewish Group-Evolutionary Strategy

Part 3 – The Rise of Adolf Hitler

The TRUTH about:
The Rise Of Hitler
The Third Reich
The National Socialist Economic, Cultural & Spiritual Rebirth
Hitler vs Rothschild

Part 4 – Judea Declares War on Germany

The TRUTH about:
Judea Declares War
Anti-German terrorism & warmongering
Jewish Migration From The Third Reich, The Transfer Agreement & The Madagaskar Plan
The Final Solution
Hitlers’ Struggle For Peace & Germany’s Peace Offers
The Start Of World War 2
Communist Infiltration & The International Clique

Part 5 – The Final Solution to the European Problem

The TRUTH about:
The Roots Of Globalism, Multiculturalism & White Genocide
The Kalergi, Kaufman, Morgenthau & Hootonplans for European Genocide
Jewish Supremacism vs German Racialism
The Myth Of German Racism
Hitlers’ Jewish Soldiers

Part 6 – Operation Barbarossa

The TRUTH about:
Operation Barbarossa
The Liberation Of Russia
Pearl Harbour
Churchill’s Bengal Famine
The Brutal Terror-Bombings Of German Cities & The Firestorm In Dresden

Part 7 – Floods of Blood

The TRUTH about:
The Katyn Massacre
The Rape Of Europe
Eisenhowers Death-Camps
The Genocide Of Germany
The Last Days Of The Third Reich
Plan A – The Jewish Terrorist Plan To Genocide 6 Million Germans

Part 8 – The Holocaust

The TRUTH about:
The Holocaust – Expulsion vs Extermination
The Origin Of The “Six Million” Figure
The Allied Black Propaganda, Atrocity Fiction & Psychological Warfare
The Labour & Internment Camps
The Gas-Chambers
The Soap & Lampshades
The International Red Cross Report & Jewish Population Numbers

Part 9 – Aftermath

The TRUTH about:
The Aftermath of WWII
The Destruction Of Europe & Western Civilisation
The Greater Israel Project & The Zionist War On Terror
The Great Demographic Replacement & The Invasion Of Europe
The New World Order & The Satanic Endgoal

Part 10 – The Awakening

The Nationalist Revolution & The Awakening

Brave Browser
The Great Reset

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

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