The Case For Freedom

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the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.
“we do have some freedom of choice”

the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.
“the shark thrashed its way to freedom”

In 2020, it seems like complete and utter lunacy that we should have to plead our case for our freedom. Has history not taught us that human beings are not possessions? That we are living, breathing things created by something bigger than ourselves with thought, feeling and senses of humour (although some of us appear to be distinctly lacking in one of those these days). How have the grizzly and nauseating tales of those who came before us taught us exactly nothing? How are we still living in a world where some are persecuted based on gender, race, beliefs, politics…even hair colour? There’s a sinister yet simple answer to this that I would like to offer as an option as to why we are in this current state. That is this, it has been centuries since human beings were truly “free”, the liberty we believe we have is not in fact liberty at all but a carefully constructed plot to enslave us in ways so subtle, so nefarious in nature that the end result is that we thank our oppressors for it by behaving exactly as they would wish us to. If you’re one of those people now thinking “oh fucking hell, I found the looney farm – GET ME OUT OF HERE”, then I ask one simple question. What do you have to lose by hearing us out? In all likelihood the answer is – nothing. If not reading this then you’ll most likely be browsing one of the various manipulative social media sites that trap you in an echo chamber of confirmation bias and teenage sycophants insisting on posting 10 second clips on twitter of their “fave” dancing in some strange style that leaves you wondering whether you’re on twitter…or actually watching the Exorcist. That, or lets be honest you’ll probably be watching porn, which I can assure you is never realistic. Literally never, nope…not even in that specific video you love so much. She’s faking it. Trust me.

But, back to the real world. Here’s the truth. Your freedom, your liberty, your human right to do as you wish and when you wish as long as it doesn’t cause harm to another? Yeah, it’s kind of bollocks. What so many are yet to discover is that the job you have chosen, the friends you have, the politics you are so passionate about and the entertainment you love is not remotely unique to you or an accident. Don’t get me wrong, we are all completely and utterly different in almost all ways. The fact that for 99% of the world’s population it is impossible to share DNA with another living soul is not an accident, but an incredible design. Human beings were not meant to be robots, we were not created by and incredible and powerful entity just to fall in line. And yet, the one thing that isn’t unique for most of the western world is that despite God’s intention for us all to be marvellously different – we have all been subject to subtle and sinister manipulation in exactly the same way.

Allow me to offer a simple example. The media. OOF, maybe not so simple but I shall try to keep this from falling too far down the festering cesspit that is that particular rabbit hole. Consider the below link for a moment.

In this 90 second video, you can see just how scripted the media infiltrating our televisions actually is. “What’s the problem with that? The news is the news after all, it’s not going to change so why not all follow a script?” Okay, I hear you. But, allow me this one concession. When was the last time you watched a news channel that had ZERO opinions linked to it? And I do mean zero. No rolling of the eyes by the presenter, no “experts” hoisted in to the studio from their dusty shelves where they are diligently waiting, no cutting a clip short in order to put out a story in a way that may be considered…what’s the word…manipulative? The Fox News and CNN war has surely been raging for a sufficient amount of time for you to notice that the media is not remotely unbiased, nor is it about telling you what is actually going on in the world. No, it is there to tell you what that particular channels WANTS you to know. An advisor to King Henry VIII allegedly once stated that he would not tell the King what options he could do, but instead what he ought to do. Think of the mainstream media as your advisor and all of us poor, deluded saps are the monarch of our lands. On the surface, the power is ours and yet we are manipulated so elegantly by our “advisors” that our actions and decisions are actually note our own. They are coerced out of us, and coerced in a highly intelligent way I may add. Why would the media wish to do this to us, you ask? Well, why indeed? Could it be that there are actually less than ten media companies that own and run all “news” channels in the United States? Could it be that due to this grossly extravagant conflict of interest that these companies manipulate the message to suit the agendas of their wealthy, powerful and secretive board members? Surely not. Except, that is exactly what they are for. How is it, that the media has managed to convince a decent percentage of the world that a man never previously accused of racism, and who actually won an award for his efforts within the black community, decides to become a flagrant racist just as he steps up to run an election race? Is that what happened? Did Donald J. Trump decide that all his efforts and success were irrelevant as long as he could be audaciously racist in public? The simple answer is no. And over the coming weeks, I will be dedicating my writing to exposing the corruption and vile tactics used by the media in order to control the population of the Western world. We all hear of China’s dictatorship and the CCP and inwardly cringe at the horror of such obvious brainwashing. Yet, is it possible that we are under a similar dictatorship? Something to consider until the next instalment. For now, let me leave you with this. If less ten media juggernauts own the previously most trusted way of disseminating information to the masses, and they are clearly abusing it, why? Why would they want to do this? What is in it for [THEM]? And just how many of your decisions were not actually made by you yourself, but by those who are controlling the message?

Stay safe.
God wins.


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